Reinsurance Expert in Construction Surety Bonds

Case Description:

A reinsurance expert witness in construction surety bonds was needed for a breach of contract issue. The parties were providers of standard, customized and niche insurance products. The defendant took out a nonstandard surety bond from the plaintiff on a construction project for which the defendant had already issued a standard policy for lower level coverage. Plaintiff alleged the defendant took a big piece of the low level coverage and refused to reimburse the bond for the reinsurance policy.

IMS ExpertServices was asked to perform a reinsurance expert witness search for an expert with reinsurance underwriting expertise, particularly in non standard construction surety bonds, who could review the underwriting of the reinsurance policy.

Experts Presented:

  • Reinsurance Expert

    This reinsurance expert has more than 20 years in the surety claims industry working with some of the top insurance providers. Currently he works as a consultant offering his clients claims management, recovery and forensic engineering services. This expert is deeply familiar with reinsurance and both standard and non-standard surety bonds. He is an experienced reinsurance expert witness who typically acts as a litigation consultant on several cases per year, usually working on behalf of the surety. IMS Reference #1474218

  • Surety Bonds Expert

    This expert began his career over three decades ago as an agent/broker for small and minority contractors underwriting substandard construction surety bonds. After getting his law degree and practicing briefly he returned to the insurance industry, where he specialized in reinsurance while working for several leading insurance companies. While working in the reinsurance industry, this reinsurance expert was heavily involved in the specialty end of the surety practice. He is also experienced in litigation matters as a litigation support team member. IMS Reference #150913

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