Residential Real Estate Development Expert in Real Estate Valuation

Case Description:

A residential real estate development expert was needed for a breach of fiduciary duty case. The plaintiff was a residential home builder and developer. The defendants were employees of the developer. The plaintiff claimed that the defendants, with responsibility to acquire residential development property on behalf of their employer, breached their fiduciary duties by diverting real estate opportunities to another source for their own financial gain. The plaintiff sought over $10 million in damages, including lost profits, for real estate development opportunities.

IMS ExpertServices was asked to locate a residential real estate development expert with experience in the acquisition, financing and marketing of large-scale, mixed-use real estate developments consisting of primarily residential areas with some light commercial use areas. This expert would be asked to opine on issues related to the real estate valuation of the properties involved in the dispute and the potential profits the plaintiffs contend they lost as a result of the defendants’ alleged activities.

Experts Presented:

  • Real Estate Development Expert

    This residential real estate development expert is recognized as a leading residential development strategist. He has performed damages calculations in residential development as an expert witness. During his thirty-plus years in the field, he became familiar with residential real estate markets throughout the country, having offered real estate valuation determination, appraisal, feasibility analysis, and community positioning and optimization studies on properties across the U.S. He served as principal of a residential real estate consulting firm. IMS Reference #5017014

  • Real Estate Valuation Expert

    This residential real estate development expert is the owner of a firm that specializes in real estate development, brokerage-transactions and corporate services including real estate valuation and investment and financial analysis. Prior to establishing his real estate consulting company, he was the chief real estate officer for a leading financial services provider, where he was in charge of real estate investments, mortgage loans, and corporate facilities throughout the U.S. and in over 60 countries worldwide. He is skilled in the fields of feasibility analysis, due diligence, real estate appraisal, mergers and acquisitions, loan underwriting, property and asset management on both an individual and corporate basis. IMS Reference #5016980

  • Real Estate Planning Expert

    This residential real estate development expert is experienced in economic and community development. His experience and expertise include urban revitalization and redevelopment, feasibility analysis, strategic and land use planning, real estate counseling, investment incentives including special districts, and creative “deal” structuring and partnerships. He is founder and chief executive officer of a leading provider of market research, land use planning, financial analysis, and real estate valuation services. This expert is frequently retained as an advisor and expert witness in legal proceedings and covers between two and four cases per year. He has testimony experience including a case in Federal Court. IMS Reference #5004803

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