Safety Engineering Expert in Commercial Vehicle Brake Systems

Case Description:

A safety engineering expert was needed for a case involving commercial bus transportation. The plaintiffs alleged negligence and product liability after a commercial bus experienced brake system failure leading to passenger injuries. At issue in the case was whether the crash was caused by a failure to properly maintain the brake system, a defect in design, or both.

IMS ExpertServices was asked to locate a safety engineering expert with practical experience in commercial transportation, preferably working with buses or trucks. The expert was required to be knowledgeable of brake systems on commercial vehicles and brake maintenance as well as relevant federal safety guidelines for commercial buses.

Experts Presented:

  • Mechanical Failure

    This expert in mechanical failure has more than 20 years of practical experience in mechanics and the analysis and diagnostics of component and sub-component failure. His experience includes more than 30 years of experience supporting various elements of the automotive industry. This expert is a member of the National Association of Professional Accident Reconstruction Specialists, American Society of Mechanical Engineers and the National Society of Professional Engineers. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and a Ph.D. in engineering science. IMS Reference #5002710

  • Safety Engineering

    With more than two decades of experience in mechanical engineering, this safety engineering expert specializes in vehicle inspections and system analysis. He has worked as a professional engineer for multiple automotive and aircraft engineering companies and is certified in motor vehicle accident investigation and reconstruction. In addition, this expert has extensive experience in failure analysis, design and repair of public transportation vehicles. Currently, he is a staff engineer at an engineering laboratory where he focuses on collision repair inspections and industrial product safety analysis. IMS Reference #5002456

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