Satellite Communications Expert in Systems Engineering

Case Description:

A satellite communications expert in systems engineering was needed for an action alleging breach of contract and breach of warranty in the aftermath of a bankruptcy. The defendant, a major telecommunications provider, had a subsidiary consisting of a satellite communications network. Plaintiffs invested in the subsidiary and it was spun off as an independent company offering global voice and paging services. When the subsidiary filed for bankruptcy less than a year after launching its satellite communications services, plaintiffs filed suit against the telecommunications company, claiming that because of systems engineering issues they did not receive reasonably equivalent value for their purchase. Plaintiffs alleged the sale constituted fraudulent transfer and violated an implied warranty.

IMS ExpertServices was asked to find satellite communications experts with systems engineering experience who could opine on design, development, and execution of the satellite communications network.

Experts Presented:

  • Satellite Communications Expert

    This satellite communications expert is president and CEO of a leading satellite communications consulting company. His firm has clients on five continents and has been instrumental in supporting the major international satellite communication organizations. He started his career in aerospace and telecommunications with systems engineering roles on the ground team of the 1969 Apollo mission and in the launch of the world's first domestic communications satellite. This expert has authored numerous technical papers on satellite technology and telecommunications and is a fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. IMS Reference #4500154

  • Satellite Engineering Expert

    This systems design expert presides over a satellite engineering firm that consults with both commercial industry and government clients. His company offers systems engineering and research services for satellite communication systems. Specializations include orbital mechanics, GPS applications, spacecraft systems design, earth-satellite geometry, and litigation consulting. This expert coauthored a textbook on satellite communications and is technical editor of a satellite industry publication. He holds memberships in a number of professional organizations including the IEEE. IMS Reference #418449

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