Search Engine Technology Expert

Case Description:

A search engine technology expert was needed with expertise in content analysis involving search engine queries and click through rates relative to internet marketing in a patent infringement dispute.

A client turned to IMS  identify and engage a doctorate-level search engine technology expert who was active in the development of search engine technology, with experience in content analysis, including analysis of search queries and click through rates from prior users relative to internet advertisements. This expert was also requested to have an academic background in computer science and the ability to read source code in order to review various search marketing and advertising systems and address issues of patent infringement and validity.

Experts Presented:

  • Internet Marketing & Social Media Expert

    This leading search engine technology expert has more than 25 years of experience with search engines and is currently the president of a private company that provides consulting services on internet marketing, internet search, and text analytics. His past experience includes development of search engines for a major international technology and consulting firm and he has experience writing code in a number of computer programming languages. He also has extensive experience in the internet search marketing industry, having pioneered a major technology and consulting firm’s search marketing program. He has published numerous works on search engines and marketing, has taught university courses on internet search marketing, and holds five U.S. patents. IMS Reference # 5057820

  • Search Engine Technology Expert

    With a Ph.D. in computer science from a prominent university and extensive credentials related to search engine technology, this expert has over three decades of search engine technology experience, including executive officer experience for an international technology consulting firm where he led software product launches and marketing. He co-founded and served as president of a private technology consulting firm specializing in strategic technology initiatives and product evaluation. His previous experience includes serving as chief technology officer for a publicly held customer relationship management (CRM) software company focusing on knowledge capture and delivery. He has authored over 50 published works and is named inventor on at least two U.S. patents. IMS Reference # 5086332.

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