Securities Valuation Expert in Margin Trading

Case Description:

A securities valuation expert in margin trading was needed for a breach of contract action filed in bankruptcy court. The defendant, a financial services company, financed the plaintiff’s purchase of subordinated notes secured by mortgage loans. After financing the purchase, the defendant allegedly misrepresented the market value of the securities and required the plaintiff to provide substantial margin deficits to prevent foreclosure, thus confiscating property from the plaintiff’s bankruptcy estate.

IMS ExpertServices was asked to locate a securities valuation expert with margin trading experience and particular knowledge of mortgage-backed securities. The expert was asked to opine on valuation of the securities on the dates of margin calls that drove the transactions in question. At issue was whether the defendant’s margin calls were proper.

Experts Presented:

  • Securities Expert

    This securities industry expert has more than 40 years of credit regulatory experience. He runs a specialty consulting firm providing margin credit advice and evaluations. Before founding his own firm, he had a 25 year career on the New York Stock Exchange. He frequently represented the NYSE at specialized lectures and seminars on the securities industry. This expert has consulted on margin trading and securities valuations for the NYSE and member organizations, and offered depositions and trial testimony on several securities related matters.IMS Reference #5020746

  • Real Estate Finance Expert

    This expert in mortgage backed securities has over 23 years of experience in real estate economics and finance. He has held teaching positions at several institutions, including MIT. His research interests include analysis and valuation of commercial mortgage backed securities. He has provided expert valuation of commercial real estate debt. He started his career as finance manager at a mortgage services company. This expert has been deposed and offered trial testimony on several matters requiring his expertise.IMS Reference #5022731

  • Securities Trading Expert

    This securities trading expert is a Wall Street consultant with 45 years of experience in the banking and brokerage industries. He’s held positions with the NYSE, Citibank, and other prestigious organizations managing margin departments, brokerage operations, and credit departments. He has authored and lectured extensively on margin trading such as occurred in the mortgage backed securities transactions in this case. This experienced expert witness has offered depositions and trial testimony in a number of matters involving securities and valuations.IMS Reference #5021397

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