Semiconductor Manufacturing Expert in MOS Transistors

Case Description:

A semiconductor manufacturing expert was needed for a patent invalidity dispute. Both the plaintiff and defendant are global semiconductor companies, developing and delivering semiconductor products across a wide spectrum. The plaintiff asserted that the defendant's U.S. patent involving an integrated circuits structure that incorporated low-voltage n-channel and p-channel MOS transistors and high-voltage n-channel and p-channel MOS transistors was invalid.

IMS ExpertServices was asked to locate semiconductor manufacturing experts with experience in the field from the 1970's through the mid 1980's. The expert needs to have knowledge of semiconductor structures available during this time period and devices containing both high-voltage and low-voltage NMOS and PMOS transistors. These experts should also be familiar with ion implantation into a semiconductor substrate to create the p-type regions in these devices.

Experts Presented:

  • Microelectronics Expert

    This microelectronics expert is a consultant on semiconductor manufacturing, semiconductor memory and microelectronics intellectual property matters. He has over thirty years experience working in engineering and marketing for major semiconductor developers. He has consulted on new product analysis including competitive analysis, product launch, all promotional aspects of semiconductor products, semiconductor sourcing, project management, and intellectual property. This expert has a Ph.D. in Computers and Communications and holds 12 patents. IMS Reference #4167190

  • Semiconductor Manufacturing Expert

    This semiconductor manufacturing expert has twenty years of research experience in semiconductor device manufacturing and material processing for major industrial laboratories. He also has fifteen years management experience performing semiconductor fabrication research at two major universities. He has consulted on yield management issues and is an expert on the application of ion implantation techniques in CMOS device fabrication. He has widespread experience in oxide evaluation and trace gas contamination control. With broad knowledge of PMOS, NMOS, and CMOS transistors, he is ideally suited for solving semiconductor manufacturing problems. This expert has provided expert testimony on advanced technology issues for several major corporations and has been retained as an expert witness involving high technology intellectual property cases. IMS Reference #4165570

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