Smart Card Manufacturing Expert in RFID

Case Description:

A smart card manufacturing expert in RFID was needed for a patent infringement action. The plaintiff was the owner of several patents covering smart cards and processes for making smart cards. The defendant was a manufacturer in the smart card industry. Plaintiff alleged the defendant infringed on patents covering the hot lamination process used in the manufacture of smart cards containing a microprocessor and antenna.

IMS ExpertServices was asked to locate experts in smart card manufacturing with knowledge of radio frequency identification, or RFID, processes and technologies who could opine on the alleged infringement issues. Prior testimony and patent experience were highly desired.

Experts Presented:

  • RFID Technology Expert

    This RFID technology expert has more than 20 years of experience in engineering and manufacturing. Much of his career has been spent at a global integrated communication solutions provider, where he worked on integrated circuits, IC packaging, RFID and contactless modules. He designed the industry's first laminated radio frequency card with a smooth surface, as well as his employer's first smart card. This expert has authored papers on laminating techniques for RFID smart cards. He is the named inventor on several patents and is very familiar with prior art and other intellectual property issues. IMS Reference #4978359

  • RFID Technology Expert

    This expert in RFID technology has 14 years of experience in packaging integrated circuits and 12 years of experience in smart cards. He founded and managed a smart card manufacturing plant that used injection molding to make RFID embedded smart cards. As a competitor, he became deeply familiar with the smart card lamination process. This expert holds several patents for semiconductor packaging and other technologies. He is an experienced expert witness. IMS Reference #4978222

  • Bar Code Technology Expert

    This expert has more than 20 years in the bar code industry. He invented a method to print bar codes on plastic. Later he began working with smart cards, founding a company that provides bar code and RFID smart card solutions. His products use layers to provide the RFID inlay on the smart card, often in conjunction with a bar code. This expert holds several patents and has served as an expert witness in a patent case. IMS Reference #4974104

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