Software Expert in Application Development

Case Description:

A software expert with experience in spreadsheet application development was needed for a patent infringement case. The plaintiff, a business software developer, alleged that the defendant infringed on one of its patents covering pivot functionality to generate merged data in spreadsheet applications.

IMS ExpertServices was asked to locate software experts with significant experience in software application development. Database experience was also considered helpful. Our client required a software expert for the valuation of the pivot functionality used in spreadsheets and other data visualization tools to summarize and perform other functions on flat data.

Experts Presented:

  • Software Expert

    This expert in software development created one of the first electronic spreadsheets, a development that spurred the growth of the personal computer industry. He's also developed word processing software applications, web site authoring tools, demonstration software tools, and other data visualization programs. He has more that 40 years of experience in software development. This software expert has advanced degrees from MIT and Harvard, and has received many awards for his contributions to the computer industry. IMS Reference #5003047

  • Computer Science Expert

    This computer science expert was involved in the development of several of the earliest electronic spreadsheet and integrated business software applications. He also worked on design teams at one of the first companies to develop financial information software applications. This expert also developed early home networking concepts and technologies. A computer industry pioneer, he holds advanced degrees in computer science and engineering from MIT. He has testimony experience as a software engineering expert for other intellectual property litigation. IMS Reference #1207693

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