Sports Economics Expert in Title IX Compliance

Case Description:

A sports economics expert who understood Title IX compliance requirements was needed for a class action litigation. The plaintiffs, a class of athletes, alleged that the practice of limiting athletic scholarships, which the defendant claimed was necessary for Title IX compliance, was actually designed to reduce expenses and maximize profits, to the detriment of athletes and in violation of antitrust laws.

IMS ExpertServices was asked to locate a sports economics expert with knowledge of Title IX impacts on athletic departments and scholarships from a compliance and budgetary perspective.

Experts Presented:

  • Franchise Valuation

    An economics Ph.D. graduate of an Ivy League school, this franchise valuation expert is a professor in the Department of Economics at a private liberal arts college. He has extensive consulting experience in litigation matters relating to major league sports. A widely published author on comparative economics and sports economics topics, this expert has also consulted with agencies and companies on development and investment in Latin America. IMS Reference #5001658

  • Program Administration

    This intercollegiate athletics expert runs a firm that offers clients consulting on rules compliance, gender equity, long range planning, organizational structure review and other sports and economics topics. She has served as the chief administrator of several intercollegiate athletics programs. This expert is associated with the Title IX Compliance Bulletin and has published extensively on topics concerning intercollegiate athletics, sports economics, and sports and the law. She has a Ph.D. in athletic administration and sports studies. IMS Reference #5001283

  • Compliance

    This expert has more than fifteen years of experience with Title IX compliance. She founded a company that offers clients technical assistance in complying with the athletics provisions of Title IX. She has published extensively on Title IX compliance and intercollegiate athletics topics. This expert has conducted federal investigations of allegations of Title IX discrimination in athletics programs and has trained chief regional attorneys, managers, staff attorneys, equal opportunity specialists and program analysts on Title IX athletics policy and procedure. IMS Reference #5001258

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