Streaming Media Technology Expert

Case Description:

A streaming media technology expert was needed for a patent infringement dispute involving live streaming technology utilized in consumer electronic devices. An international technology development company alleged that a global company which designs and sells consumer electronics infringed on certain patents related to network streaming technology.

IMS ExpertServices was asked to locate a streaming media technology expert skilled in the art during the 1990’s. This expert was requested to have experience with FTP, HTTP, and Transmission Control Protocols (TCP) as they relate to the patent at issue and to provide patent analysis and determine issues, if any, relating to invalidity.

Experts Presented:

  • Streaming Media Technology

    This expert has fifteen years of experience with streaming media and has been considered an industry-leading authority, speaker, and writer on streaming media and digital media technologies for a decade. He is the vice-president of a streaming media services company, previously founding a streaming media services division for a publicly traded company and one of the largest global streaming media service providers. Additionally, he pioneered and founded one of the industry’s first streaming media webcasting production companies, and over the last decade has helped develop, consult, and implement streaming media solutions for a number of prestigious companies. He has been the recipient of industry awards and teaches at a leading university. IMS Reference #5004953

  • MPEG

    This expert has over twenty years of industry experience including the areas of multimedia, digital signal processing (DSP); image, video and audio processing and coding; and in the development of new algorithms. He is currently the president and founder of an intellectual property consulting firm. Previously, he worked as vice-president of a software engineering firm, developing and marketing streaming media products, where he was responsible for streaming protocols implementation. He has also developed protocols and standards related to media streaming and developed products based on MPEG standards and technology. He holds six U.S. patents and three European patents in the area of video coding. This expert holds a B.S. and M.S. in electrical engineering and a Ph.D. in electrical engineering with extensive research in image segmentation. IMS Reference #5006134

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