Supply Chain Management Expert in Cross-docking

Case Description:

A supply chain management expert in cross-docking practices was required for a breach of contract case regarding a transportation corridor for railroad traffic. The claimant alleged that the defendant, a rail transportation company, used a supply chain management practice known as cross-docking to bypass a transportation corridor to avoid paying fees associated with its usage.

IMS ExpertServices was asked to find a supply chain management expert with knowledge of cross-docking techniques who could consult on the economics of the distribution and warehousing industry. The expert would also opine on supply chain management practices of crossdocking to avoid fees, especially as it relates to transportation corridors between ports.

Experts Presented:

  • Supply Chain Management Expert

    This supply chain management expert has more than 50 years of experience in the transportation, freight management, warehousing and distribution industry. He is a consultant to the shipping industry working with railroad and over the road trucking companies. He is very familiar with supply chain management practices, including crossdocking and transloading. He frequently consults for ports, carriers, and shipping associations on issues such as supply chain economics and best practices. IMS Reference #4999063

  • Third Party Logistics Expert

    This expert in supply chain management practices oversees operations for a third-party logistics and transportation service provider that serves hundreds of global manufacturers and retailers, including the top suppliers for major U.S. retailers. As a major supplier of warehouse facilities and services, he is an expert at unloading, assembly, palletization, cross-docking and warehousing functions. He has a thorough understanding of transportation and distribution economics and benefits of transportation corridors to both the railroad and trucking industries. IMS Reference #4998077

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