Tax Law Expert in State and Local Taxes

Case Description:

A tax law expert in state and local taxes was needed for a class action suit. The defendant provided business equipment leasing services and subsequently charged the plaintiffs fees, a monthly property tax, and sales taxes. Plaintiffs alleged the fees were randomly determined and bore no relation to actual costs incurred by the defendant, thus constituting unjust enrichment. Additionally, plaintiffs alleged that the taxes collected were never reconciled with defendant’s actual tax owed, resulting in the defendant keeping monies for profit that it had alleged were collected for tax.

IMS was asked to locate tax law experts who were practicing tax attorneys or accountants with prior testimony experience. An expert who could opine authoritatively on the defendant’s methods of charging property and sales tax was sought.

Experts Presented:

  • Tax Law Expert

    This tax expert has practiced tax law for over 20 years, primarily advising corporate and other business entities on federal and state tax law. At least half of his current practice is in the area of state and local tax. He spent 10 years as General Counsel and Director of Taxation at a leasing company, where he regularly addressed property tax, sales tax and use tax issues concerning leased assets. He has consulted for large municipalities regarding local tax disputes and taught graduate-level courses on taxation. IMS Reference #4996651

  • Tax Law Expert

    This tax expert is a nationally recognized business and tax lawyer. He specializes in business and tax planning, estate planning, and tax controversy representation. He’s served on various committees and sections of the ABA and other prestigious organizations, including the ABA Section on Taxation. This expert has lectured on business planning and tax planning topics for the Masters in Taxation Program of a university law school. He serves as an expert witness in corporation, partnership, securities and tax litigation matters. IMS Reference #499657

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