Telecommunications Management Expert in Telephony Applications

Case Description:

A team of telecommunications management experts were needed for a Stage I patent mining project. A global telecommunications corporation was not satisfied with the data obtained from a recent review of their call center technology patents and ordered a new analysis of their portfolio.

IMS ExpertServices was asked to locate telecommunications management experts with strong industry experience in the technology of telephony applications and how call center hardware and software features meet the operational needs of companies, such as, airline reservation services, customer service installation for retailers, banking services, or catalog companies. These experts needed to have experience with companies who had been providers of hardware and engineering consulting services for call center installations over the last 15-20 years as well as knowledge of patents and the patent process.

Experts Presented:

  • Telecommunications Engineering Expert

    This telecommunications management expert has over 25 years in the practice of planning, designing, implementing, and managing data communications, voice, wireless cabling, networks, and telephone switches. His telecommunications management experience includes overseeing large-scale projects concerning analysis, design, engineering, selection for voice systems (IVR, PBX, ADC, VRU), cabling, and data communications. He has extensive knowledge of revenue generating and non-revenue generating call center environments functionality and performance. He has worked with call centers featuring telemarketing and collections units using progressive and predictive automatic out dialer systems. This expert is a recognized authority in telecommunications technology. IMS Reference #3407415

  • Telecommunications Expert

    This telecommunications management expert has over 25 years of experience as an engineer, technologist, and executive in the software and hardware development industry. He is the president of a consulting company that specializes in designing custom billing solutions for credit card processing. He has utilized Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and various telephony applications requiring interaction with external data communications and a variety of proprietary protocols. He has served as chief technology officer, president of engineering, and systems installation specialist of telephony hardware interfacing and troubleshooting telephone service (POTS), T1s, voice over internet protocol (VoIP), and telephone switches. This expert is the inventor of two fraud prevention patents for credit card purchases. IMS Reference #5012568

  • Telecommunications Patents Experts

    This telecommunications management expert is a named inventor on 12 telecommunications patents. He has 23 years experience in senior product development and management of network based IP VPN, SmartRoute. He has been a product line manager for a leader in test systems and other equipment for wire-based telecommunications systems, used extensively by telephone service providers to monitor and troubleshoot subscriber lines and telecom equipment. He has extensive knowledge of the functionality and performance of systems and equipment used by the major competitors in the call center industry. This expert has substantial experience in assessing customer needs, evaluating telecommunications patents and products, and architecting telephony applications. IMS Reference #5019931

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