Teletext Expert in Electronic Display Technology

Case Description:

A teletext expert in electronic display technology was needed for a patent infringement case. The plaintiff was a prominent designer, manufacturer and distributor of cable boxes, handheld controls, and content distribution networks. The defendant licensed teletext technologies for television and VCR systems. The company who developed the teletext technology used in the products manufactured by the plaintiff had been acquired by the defendant. The plaintiff alleged that the defendant infringed on their patents by licensing and selling products that used teletext technology.

IMS ExpertServices was asked to locate teletext experts who were knowledgeable in electronic display technology and the interaction capabilities of teletext and GUIDE Plus+ in a set top box and interactive TV environment. The experts would be asked to review documents, prepare reports, and provide testimony.

Experts Presented:

  • Electronic Display Technology Expert

    This electronic display technology expert is an authority in teletext and display screen navigation technology for television programming. He was the director of network technology with a cable television giant, where his contributions to satellite and cable network technology led to the expansion of cable coverage to 30 million households. His next venture was managing partner, developer and inventor of electronic display navigation utilizing GUIDE Plus+ and teletext technology for television. He later joined a research and development consortium pursuing new cable television technologies during the industry's transition to digital transmission for TV, computers and telephony. Here he coordinated equipment interoperability in the cable industry's deployment of new digital technology for computers and the Internet. IMS Reference #1182145

  • Television and Cable Expert

    This television and cable expert is president and lead consultant in a strategic consulting firm primarily focused on cable, telecom, and media markets. He is especially knowledgeable of digital broadband and content distribution networks; mobile, wireless, and fixed convergence; telecom backbone; and digital internet protocol television (IPTV). Holding a doctorate in physics, he was leader of the initial strategic efforts to set the foundations for the introduction, trial, and potential deployment of the IPTV services by one of the largest telecom companies in the United States. Over a decade ago, as a television and cable industry technologist, he established the foundations for early broadband services and digital networking by cable multiple system operators (MSO’s). IMS Reference #1156944

  • Teletext Expert

    This teletext expert holds three patents related to electronic program guides (EPG) and teletext semiconductor chip technology. Interested in developing semiconductor and electronic components for display screen technology, he reviewed all of the patents relevant to electronic display technology and is very familiar with patent review. He worked on the initial development of interactive displays and data distribution. He has had a high level of involvement in single chip teletext schematics within content distribution networks. His credentials include Software Development Manager of fourteen engineers and technical lead over a large scale text processing environment. IMS Reference #3439424

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