Thermal Insulation Expert in Offshore Pipelines

Case Description:

A thermal insulation expert was needed for a patent infringement case involving microporous insulation for offshore oil pipelines. The patent claimed technology for undersea transmission that kept petroleum products above a critical temperature range while traveling through cold seawater. Without the microporous insulation material, the fluids could become viscous and restrict or block flow through the pipe.

IMS ExpertServices was asked to find an expert in thermal insulation, preferably with a background in the oil and gas industry. The expert was required to be knowledgeable of microporous insulation and its advantages in maintaining the thermal threshold in undersea oil pipelines.

Experts Presented:

  • Cryogenics

    With more than 20 years of experience in the field of cryogenics, this thermal insulation expert is familiar with challenges of thermal insulation for several industry applications including space travel, hydrogen storage and delivery and superconducting power. He has authored several patents and published numerous papers in the area of insulation materials and testing, including several involving pipelines and piping systems. This expert has an extensive background with the microporous and nanoporous materials used for insulation.IMS Reference #4997065

  • Offshore Pipeline

    This expert in thermal insulation of offshore pipelines has over fifteen years of experience as an energy industry consultant with internationally recognized companies. His specialty is leading flow assurance studies on international oil and gas pipelines. This expert is an acknowledged leader in offshore pipeline and sub-sea flow assurance issues, including thermal-hydraulics and customized sub-sea production solutions where flowing temperature is a critical design issue. He holds a Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Ph.D. in Process Engineering.IMS Reference #5000961

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