Trading Systems Expert in Equity Securities

Case Description:

A trading systems expert with equity securities experience was needed for a patent infringement matter. The parties developed electronic trading solutions for the financial services industry. Defendant allegedly infringed on patents covering methodologies used to aggregate securities order books into a single execution user interface.

IMS ExpertServices sought a trading systems expert knowledgeable about software systems and user interfaces used to trade equity securities and specifically during the period when infringement allegedly occurred. The parameters of this expert witness search called for an expert who was familiar with equity trading and the user interfaces of software platforms used to expedite it during the specified time frame. The right expert would have specific knowledge of which systems, if any, allowed traders to see multiple securities order books on a single screen.

Experts Presented:

  • Securities Trading Expert

    This trading systems expert is president and CEO of a company that offers technology and management solutions to the securities and banking industries. Previously he served as managing director of a financial services firm and chaired a Wall Street product development company. This expert’s interests include the effect of structural and technological changes on the collection and distribution of securities market data. He’s lectured and presented on securities trading data topics at industry conferences. IMS Reference #5010152

  • Electronic Trading Expert

    This trading systems expert has been at the forefront of the electronic trading movement during his 15-plus years of experience in the financial technology industry. His experience includes developing an order management system designed for small and mid-sized investment firms, then founding the company that marketed the product. Throughout the period of alleged infringement covered in this case, he was transforming his original trading system and was well aware of competing products on the market. Today this expert has become a leader in the electronic and algorithmic trading community. IMS Reference #501011

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