Twisted Pair Cable Expert in Network Cabling

Case Description:

Twisted pair cable experts were needed for a declaratory judgment of non-infringement and invalidity. The plaintiff was a diversified wire and cable manufacturer. The defendant was a manufacturer and distributor of aluminum and fiber optic cable and wire products for specialty markets. The plaintiff had reason to believe that it would be sued for patent infringement and sought a declaratory judgment otherwise.

IMS ExpertServices was asked to locate twisted pair cable experts in network cabling with technical knowledge of Category 5, Category 6 and Category 10 cable standards. The experts needed to have an engineering background and have technical expertise in the design and manufacture of twisted pair cable in the 1995 to 1996 time period.

Experts Presented:

  • Network Cabling

    This twisted pair cable expert has over three decades of experience as a network cabling design engineer for commercial and residential networks of both copper and fiber cable. He is the founder and principal of a consulting company specializing in the architecture and development of telecommunications products, systems, and applications. Inventor and co-inventor of eight U.S. patents, he is a leading advocate of the use of unshielded twisted pair cabling. He has authored more than 30 articles in technical and trade publications on network cabling. This expert has consulted with patent attorneys on matters relating to patentability, possible infringement, and related topics. IMS Reference #5007038

  • Twisted Pair Cable Expert

    This twisted pair cable expert is a design engineer of Category 5 and Category 6 network cabling. He has over 29 years of experience in the design engineering and manufacturing of communications cable. He has held the positions of director of engineering, senior field application engineer, and senior design engineer. He is a named co-inventor of a flat cable patent. He is a member of Society of Cable Telecommunication Engineers and the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers. This expert has experience serving as a fact witness and has given testimony at deposition and at trial. IMS Reference #119829

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