Universal Serial Bus (USB) Expert

Case Description:

A Universal Serial Bus (USB) expert with a degree related to computer engineering was needed for a patent infringement dispute in connection with an investigation involving the importation into the U.S. and related sale of electronic devices containing retractable Universal Serial Bus (USB) flash drive connectors.

IMS ExpertServices was asked to locate a Universal Serial Bus (USB) expert, with a background in computer engineering and computer hardware, skilled in the art of designing or developing Universal Serial Bus (USB) drives during a specific time period to assist with prior art and various infringement/non-infringement claims. This testifying expert was needed to review the patents at issue, address issues of patent infringement, and assist with claims construction.

Experts Presented:

  • Human Computer Interface Expert

    With over three decades of experience in computer input device technology, this expert is the founder and president of a product engineering and consulting firm which specializes in human-computer interface and claims the world’s largest collection of input devices and related prior art. This expert’s area of expertise is in personal computer input device standards and device drivers, and he has extensive experience in the history and evolution of the technology. He previously served on a number of committees involved in the creation and approval of the Universal Serial Bus (USB) standard, including serving as chairman of the working group which created the Universal Serial Bus (USB) protocol standard. This expert holds a degree in computer based control systems from one of the nation’s leading research institutions. IMS Reference #5010341.

  • Universal Serial Bus Expert

    This highly experienced Universal Serial Bus (USB) design expert is principal of a Universal Serial Bus (USB) engineering consulting firm and has over thirty years of experience with computer hardware, specializing in Universal Serial Bus (USB) technology and standards. His working experience dates back to shortly after the original Universal Serial Bus (USB) specification was written, and he authored one of the first standards textbooks on the topic, as well as numerous other publications. He holds degree in electronics science from a prestigious university on the United Kingdom and has lectured on the Universal Serial Bus (USB) topic. He is also named inventor of three U.S. technology related patents. IMS Reference #5020584.

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