Urban Planning Expert in Flood Control

Case Description:

An urban planning expert with expertise in flood control was needed for litigation involving the flooding of a residential neighborhood. The plaintiffs alleged the flooding was due to a freeway built near the community that radically changed natural storm water drainage patterns. The state department of transportation was one of several defendants in this case.

On behalf of the state, IMS ExpertServices was asked to locate multiple urban planning experts who specialized in flood control management. The expert was expected to later testify, and needed to have an advanced degree in a relevant field and prior deposition testimony experience.

Experts Presented:

  • Watershed Management Expert

    With more than a dozen years of experience, this watershed management expert is knowledgeable of flood and erosion prevention, urban planning and restoration efforts. His expertise includes the technical analysis of flood causation and directing complex watershed projects. As the principal of an environmental consulting firm, he currently works on projects involving water resources management, hydrology and geomorphology. He has an M.A. and a Ph.D. in geography as well as experience testifying at deposition and at trial. IMS Reference # 5079586

  • Ecosystem Restoration Expert

    This ecosystem restoration expert has been involved in more than 50 complex aquatic restoration projects involving urban planning and flood management. With expertise in ecosystem restoration and flood management, he has received numerous honors and published more than 50 articles on these topics. His other areas of expertise include stream ecology, hydrology and sediment transport. In addition to being a registered civil engineer, this expert has a doctorate in environmental planning. IMS Reference #5079664

  • Flood Control Expert

    As the founder of a water resources engineering firm, this flood control expert assists in the planning, analysis and design of storm water management systems. He has more than 35 years of experience in water related work including environmental analysis, government compliance and flood control. He also teaches a seminar on water pump design for engineering professionals. As an expert witness, he has experience testifying in cases involving flood related issues. IMS Reference #5079476

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