Urban Planning Expert in Mixed Use Zoning

Case Description:

An urban planning expert with mixed use zoning experience was sought for zoning litigation. The plaintiff purchased commercially zoned property in an urban center. The deed included a restrictive covenant limiting the square footage of development to facilitate low density commercial development consistent with master planning. When the area later changed from commercial to high density mixed use and residential , plaintiff filed suit to have the restrictive covenant removed.

IMS ExpertServices was asked to locate an urban planning expert with experience in mixed use zoning to opine on the purpose of the restrictive covenant and benefits of mixed use zoning for growth and development.

Experts Presented:

  • Land Use Economics

    This land use economics expert has 20 years of experience in the economic analysis of real estate and land use issues. His work has involved all major categories of urban land use. He is a trustee of the Urban Land Institute and active on its Mixed-Use Council. His consulting work in urban planning includes land use economic and feasibility analysis, strategic planning, and transaction-related services, including early master planning work for the area in question. This expert is a frequent speaker on urban development and the author of numerous books and articles on urban planning topics. IMS Reference #5015681

  • Commercial Real Estate Development

    This commercial real estate development expert has more than 40 years of experience in urban planning and design, especially in multi-unit housing and commercial development. He is an architect, planner, author, and professor. He writes a column on architecture, urban design, land planning, and public policy for a newspaper local to this case. This expert is a registered architect with bachelor’s and master’s degrees from MIT. He is an experienced expert witness who has offered testimony in deposition and before zoning boards. IMS Reference #5015640

  • Mixed Use Zoning

    This mixed use zoning expert has experience with residential developments of all types, including large mixed use zoning projects and master planned communities. He has also worked on retail, office, and industrial projects and performed economic impact analysis. He is well versed in urban planning and commercial real estate development trends. This expert did his undergraduate work at Harvard and earned his Master’s in City Planning. He has published extensively on urban planning and land use topics, and lectured before the Urban Land Institute and other planning and building organizations.IMS Reference #5008158

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