Vehicle Telematics Expert in Automotive Electronics

Case Description:

A vehicle telematics expert with automotive electronics hardware design experience was needed for a trade secrets case. The parties, both at the forefront of the wireless technologies market, entered into discussions of forming a joint venture corporation that would provide a vehicle telemetry and fleet tracking solution. No company was ever formed, leading the plaintiff to allege that the defendant misappropriated trade secrets for developing wireless products disclosed when the new venture was being pursued.

IMS ExpertServices was asked to locate a vehicle telematics expert with an emphasis in hardware design for automotive electronics to opine on the status of trade secrets that were allegedly revealed during the joint venture discussions. The expert would consult on the integration of wireless communications and GPS technologies in telematics and the potential application of those technologies to developing consumer electronics.

Experts Presented:

  • GPS Navigation Expert

    This GPS expert has substantial experience in hardware design for vehicle telematics and navigation products. For eight years he guided research and design for a leading supplier of systems and components for the automotive industry, where he also managed new business opportunities in telematics and vehicle navigation. This telematics expert has overseen vehicle system engineering, test engineering, and business development teams on GPS and telematics products. In total he has more than 20 years of experience with GPS, telematics, and vehicle location detection technology. IMS Reference #5016646

  • GIS Technology Expert

    This vehicle telematics expert has focused on navigation, intelligent transportation systems, communications, and mobility. He started his career as a GIS, or geographic information systems, programmer, then became an applications consultant in automated cartography. He is currently employed as a manager of geographic information systems and VP of telematics for a major supplier of automotive electronics products. This telematics expert has been involved in hardware and software design for an array of automotive technology including navigation, telematics, and wireless headset product lines. IMS Reference #5016018

  • Telemetry & Tracking Systems Expert

    This expert in telematics has substantial knowledge of intelligent transportation systems. He began his career in optical engineering designing safety and security electronics. Later he founded his own company, where he was responsible for managing hardware and software design, manufacturing, and quality control of the company's telematics and telemetry modules. This expert is a named inventor on 14 current or pending telematics patents. His products monitor location and performance of fleet vehicles and merge diagnostics with GPS based vehicle location detection technology. IMS Reference #5016508

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