Video Gaming Technology Expert

Case Description:

A video gaming technology expert was needed for patent analysis and consulting involving 3D technology for video games. A global patent development and licensing company required a video game technology expert for patent analysis, comparing claims to prior art in the gaming industry, analyzing competitive technology, and assisting with validity determinations.

IMS ExpertServices was asked to locate an expert in video game technology with specific knowledge of 3D technology applications as utilized in existing television, personal computer, and videogame system equipment. This expert was requested to have experience in patent analysis and be knowledgeable of stereoscopic 3D gaming technology.

Experts Presented:

  • Video Game Programming

    This video gaming expert has twenty years of experience in video game development, and has significant experience in the gaming industry with extensive knowledge of stereoscopic 3D technology applications in video, having designed one of the first 3D based technologies for the web. He is principal at an internet technology services company, and started his career as a programmer on a groundbreaking video game. He previously served as vice-president of a leading and globally known independent game developer, and has significant experience with graphic optimizations and various application programming interface (API) languages, including DirectX, .Net, EU3, Flash, Flex, and Cocao. He holds a degree in computer science. IMS Reference #5037004.

  • Video Gaming Technology

    With over twenty years of experience in 3D technology, this expert in video gaming technology co-founded an independent web and computer development firm that provides patent analysis and consulting services. He has significant research and development experience spanning three prestigious technology laboratories, and previously led a team that developed a virtual reality game console for a leading toy manufacturer. He has served on a number of technical advisory boards and government committees, and was a member of Silicon Graphics Incorporated's (SGI) advanced products technical advisory board consulting on the technical requirements for virtual reality systems. Additionally, he collaborated with the National Science Foundation (NSF) and a university’s human interface laboratory to assist a congressional task force on virtual reality. Additionally this expert has been featured in a book widely published in two countries on the topic of virtual reality. He holds a B.S. IMS Reference #5077368.

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