Wastewater Engineering Expert in Land Application Systems

Case Description:

A wastewater engineering expert in land application systems was needed for an EPA matter to consult on regulatory compliance. The defendant was a corporate officer at a rendering plant. The EPA claimed the rendering plant knowingly discharged pollutants, including nitrogen, oil, grease, and suspended solids into a creek over a 12-month period. The rendering plant disposed of excess wastewater by applying it to a field next to the plant using a land application system, which is a specialized system for wastewater reclamation and reuse.

IMS ExpertServices was asked to locate wastewater engineering experts with knowledge of EPA regulations, National Discharge Elimination Systems Permits (NPDES), the Clean Water Act, and land application systems. Experience with rendering plant discharges was also desired.

Experts Presented:

  • Water Treatment Expert

    This water treatment expert has more than 35 years of diversified wastewater engineering experience with a focus on natural systems treatment technology, including land application systems. He spent 13 years as a corporate environmental engineer for a major food processing company, where his duties included design and supervision of natural treatment systems for food processing wastewaters. This expert has been involved with over 75 different wastewater treatment projects. He has written and lectured extensively on wastewater, hydrogeology, and natural systems treatment. He has been qualified as an expert witness on natural systems treatment technology. IMS Reference #4596918

  • Environmental Engineering Expert

    This environmental engineering expert has over 30 years of experience designing wastewater treatment systems for government and industry. He has designed wastewater treatment solutions for poultry processing plants, rendering plants, and feed mills. His wastewater treatment projects have included covered anaerobic lagoons, sequencing reactors, polishing ponds, slow rate land application systems, activated sludge systems, biotowers, and other natural systems treatment technologies. This expert has an extensive knowledge of regulatory compliance issues in water treatment including EPA policies and the Clean Water Act. IMS Reference #454525

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