Wireless Communications Expert in License Agreements

Case Description:

A wireless communications expert with experience with license agreements was needed for a breach of contract case regarding a technology sharing licensing agreement. The parties entered into a technology sharing licensing agreement that would allow the defendant to use the plaintiff's proprietary information to develop and sell wireless communications products. Defendant subsequently acquired two patents covering similar wireless cellular technology, and filed suit against the plaintiff for infringement of those patents. Plaintiff countered that it had not infringed on the patents, that its activity was covered by the license agreement, and that the defendant had acted in bad faith by failing to disclose acquisition of the patents.

IMS ExpertServices was asked to locate an expert from the wireless telecommunications industry with knowledge of licensing agreement standards for technology sharing between companies.

Experts Presented:

  • Wireless Technology Expert

    This wireless technology specialist is a recognized telecommunications industry expert in strategy and implementation of wireless data and pervasive computing solutions. He has significant experience with business practices of the industry, from advising clients on technology sharing ventures to negotiating licensing agreements. Most recently, he consulted on licensing agreements for a U.S. wireless carrier and a content provider to the wireless telecommunications industry in the U.S. and Europe. This expert holds a master's degree in electrical engineering and has experience serving as an expert witness on wireless telecommunications matters. IMS Reference #1208548

  • Wireless Telecommunications Expert

    This wireless telecommunications expert has nearly 20 years of experience in planning, engineering, product management, and business development for wireless telecommunications networks, applications, and services. He has experience with modifying licensing agreements to reflect new relationships, such as when two parties with a technology sharing agreement become competitors because of an acquisition. In the field of telecommunications, this expert has been responsible for lead product development, technology vision and integration. At the forefront of the industry, he has led technology R&D for industry leaders and been responsible for wireless data and content business development. IMS Reference #1217894

  • Wireless Communications Technology Expert

    This wireless communications technology expert has more than 20 years of experience in business development, strategic leadership, and technology management, primarily in the wireless and telecommunications industries. He is a leading industry analyst and senior executive in the wireless industry. He has published and lectured on wireless communications topics. This expert has served as an expert witness on matters requiring his knowledge of the wireless communications industry, licensing agreements, and ethical business practices between telecommunications companies when technology sharing is involved.IMS Reference #5000694

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