COVID-19 Research Insights Series:

Client Exclusive Content

October 20, 2020

Insurance is for Times of Crisis: Jurors' Views on Insurance and Policy Interpretation During the Pandemic

How has the pandemic impacted potential jurors, and what are their views on insurance companies, policy interpretation, and business interruption? 

Jurors' views concerning policyholders' responsibilities and how broadly insurance policies could be interpreted varied widely.

August 27, 2020

On COVID Time: Why Timelines Are More Important Than Ever

This summer, IMS Consulting & Expert Services conducted a series of twelve focus groups across three important venues. This research, based on compilations of feedback from eligible jurors, was designed to help our clients gain crucial insights into potential outcomes of various types of COVID-related litigation. 

Timelines will  be a critical component of COVID-19 litigation, and the task of determining which information points will prove compelling if added to the timeline will be more complex.


August 27, 2020

The Letter of the Law Amid COVID-19: Has the Pandemic Changed the Way Juries Use Logic and Checklists to Make Decisions?

Checklisters are jurors swayed by arguments that focus on technical and legal specifications rather than emotional factors. Do you want checklisters on your jury? Our research indicates that whether checklisters will be of benefit to you will depend on the specific themes that form the foundation of your case.


August 27, 2020

How Will the Concept of 'Personal Responsibility' Influence the Attitudes of Jurors?

Our research uncovered that many potential jurors generally insisted that, even in the context of COVID-19, individuals possessed a duty to assume personal responsibility for their actions or inactions. Find out how jurors' adherence to this mindset can affect the jury on your case.

August 27, 2020

Foreseeability: What Constitutes Preparedness in the Face of COVID-19?

Do mock jurors believe that people could have reasonably foreseen and prepared for the COVID-19 pandemic? Our research shows jurors are divided on this issue.

August 05, 2020

Jurors’ Willingness to Attend Jury Service in the Time of COVID-19

While some consultants and legal scholars have posited that, when the courts reopen, COVID-19 will have a massive impact on the makeup of the jury pool, our data suggest that the pool will largely stay the same.

August 05, 2020

Survey Design Methodology: Assessing the Responsiveness and Attitudes of Likely Jurors Across Four US Venues.

Between July 6-27, 2020, IMS Consulting & Expert Services conducted two surveys that examined the likelihood that respondents would report for jury service during the COVID-19 pandemic.

August 04, 2020

Reimagining Jury Research: Five Lessons from the Virtual Field

At the start of the pandemic, it was hard to imagine that jury research conducted on a video platform would provide insights close to those we gained through our in-person focus group and mock trial exercises. As we embarked on virtual research, we were surprised to learn that the video platform was a valuable tool that yielded much important information for our cases.

July 09, 2020

IMS Insights Podcast: Episode 18-Tips From the “Hot Seat” for Remote Hearings and Court Events Amid the Pandemic

In this episode of the IMS Insights Podcast, we speak with Trial Presentation Advisor, Jeff Dahm, about the invaluable role of the hot seat operator both in the courtroom and during online hearings.

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