Expect the Unexpected - Most Unusual Expert Searches of 2013

By IMS ExpertServices

Trademark Survey Expert for Adult Novelty Products

IMS ExpertServices was called upon to provide an expert with significant experience in online trademark surveys, with the ability to conduct a full scale consumer survey, to opine on brand confusion for a retailer of romantic novelty products. IMS found an expert firmly positioned in marketing research, who founded one of the nation’s leading full-service marketing research firms, authored dozens of articles on marketing research, and served as chair for an organization committed to research quality.

Sewage Sludge Expert

In this case, IMS ExpertServices was asked to locate and deliver an expert with an in-depth understanding of technology used in the transformation of wastewater and sewage sludge into by-products. This search involved a deep dive into the grimy world of sewage treatment to deliver a squeaky clean expert to the client. The expert found was a registered professional chemical engineer with over forty years of experience in chemical & environmental engineering who worked as a sanitation engineer at a state water pollution control authority where he garnered significant experience with wastewater processing and sewage sludge evaluation.

Foreign Library System Expert

An expert in library science familiar with the intricacies of a foreign library system and its functions of circulation and cataloging was requested in this instance. IMS located a textbook expert for this case who held a Ph.D. in Library and Information Science from a prestigious Asian university, held a position as Professor for over a decade, served as chair of a library association committee, and received an award from his country’s head of government for outstanding contributions to foreign relations.

Inflatable Design Engineer

IMS was tasked with seeking out an industrial design expert with extensive experience in the design of inflatable water products such as swim floats. After wading through several potential candidates, the perfect expert finally surfaced. IMS located a product design and development specialist with over 20 years of product development experience within the consumer, industrial, and commercial markets. This expert held a position as Director of Product Development and Innovation at one of the largest manufacturers of outdoor products in the U.S., received his Master’s of New Product Development, and received his B.F.A in Industrial Design, both from distinguished universities.

Toilet Design Experts

Sometimes bizarre searches come in big loads. In the past year, IMS was asked to find experts for two distinct cases with a thorough understanding of the design and/or maintenance of toilets. The first expert required familiarity with the design and product development of toilets as it related to standards for waste removal in order for a toilet to be deemed functional. The second expert IMS sought out was someone with industry experience in aircraft lavatories, specifically related to the design or maintenance of vacuum toilet bowl systems. IMS closed the lid on both of these searches and presented experts with extensive experience in toilet engineering and design and lavatory equipment design, respectively.

Whether in need of expertise about issues on the ground or 30,000 feet in the air, IMS flushes away the competition every time and delivers the perfect expert. We can’t wait to see what interesting and challenging searches await in 2014 and look forward to another successful year of connecting clients to their ideal experts.

What was the most unusual expert search need in your practice this year?  We would be delighted to hear your story.


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