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By IMS ExpertServices

Lawyers who use IMS ExpertServices are so satisfied with the results that 100 percent of them would recommend the company to a colleague.

When those same lawyers were asked, "How can IMS improve its services?" 70 percent answered, "They can't."

These are among the findings of a May 2006 IMS client-satisfaction survey conducted by an independent research company. The telephone survey interviewed lawyers who have used IMS at least once.

To the question, "How would you rate the value received from IMS, on a scale of 1 to 5?" lawyers' answers averaged a near-perfect rating of 4.78.

Asked to apply the same 1-to-5 scale to their satisfaction in other areas, survey respondents rated IMS:

4.62 for quality of experts;
4.75 for presentation of experts;
4.80 for staff;
4.85 for response time;
4.85 for the client managers.

What do they like most about IMS? Forty-two percent gave their top marks to its service and 21 percent selected, "IMS delivers."

"[IMS delivers] more than the standard lists," one lawyer commented to an interviewer. "They actually help you by searching proactively to locate a specialist who is targeted to your case."

Another said: "They’re highly responsive with good candidates."

Amy Knapp, president of Knapp Marketing, the Maryland company that conducted the survey, said that what most stands out to her about the results is that clients gave such high ratings to the customer service they received from IMS.

"They were delighted that they were working with intelligent people who understood the legal industry," Knapp said. "Lawyers liked that IMS gave them what they wanted when they needed it. They gave IMS high points for customer service and delivery."

Respondents gave IMS equally high marks for its ability to find the right expert, Knapp said. "Every person to a person said that IMS did the impossible or that the request was impossible to begin with and IMS came as close as it could."

Also, Knapp said, "they were happy that IMS client managers neither over-communicated nor under-communicated with them."

Perhaps one lawyer summed up the survey results in their simplest terms when, asked to describe IMS, he answered, "They find experts."

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