Needle in a Haystack - Most Unusual Expert Searches of 2012

By IMS ExpertServices
With 2012 rapidly coming to a close, welcome to our second annual list of highly unusual expert search requests.Frankly, we get so many out of the ordinary, specialized inquiries for experts that it’s difficult to narrow the list down to just a few.

No, Virginia, you probably won’t find candidates who fit these search requests by scanning an expert registry or database. But for more than two decades we’ve built a solid reputation in the expert search industry on our unique, sometimes uncanny, but clearly unmatched ability to find that needle in a haystack.

Just for the record, yes, we can (and regularly do) find experts for perhaps less thrilling (albeit equally important) cases involving matters like securities, interest rate swaps, asset backed lending, digital imaging, or sofware engineering. However, as the expert search industry forerunner, we’ve learned from our experience that successful search, whatever the need, is truly a one-of-a-kind art.

Without further ado, please enjoy this year’s list.

1. Expert in Inflatable Structures

IMS was asked to locate and deliver an expert in the design and development of inflatable emergency structures in connection with claims of patent infringement. The design engineering expert we located, who authored several U.S. patents, was co-owner of a private aerospace engineering company and inventor of terrestrial inflatable technology, and was instrumental in the invention of the deployable heat shield used in a high profile NASA mission.

2. Microbiologist in Swine Medicine

IMS was requested to locate and deliver an expert in bacteriology and microbiology with expertise in swine research and the culturing of certain bacteria for an intellectual property related matter. IMS submitted a board certified microbiology expert, with over 25 years in the field of veterinary bacteriology, who has conducted internationally recognized, federally funded research on swine bacterial pathogens.

3. Frostbite Injuries Expert

IMS was asked in this instance to locate a published, practicing physician with expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of frostbite injuries in connection with a matter involving food product handling and transportation. The expert we found was one of the world’s leading authorities on wilderness and emergency medicine, a practicing emergency physician and published authority on the clinical treatment of frostbite and cold-induced injuries.

4. Independent Film Production Expert

IMS was asked to locate and deliver an expert in independent film production to opine on various aspects of the inner workings of the independent film industry in a dispute involving production financing. IMS found the Chief Financial Officer of a leading national film studio and production company, with extensive industry experience spanning both the business and legal side of film production and distribution, including significant achievements in physical production, distribution and marketing in well-known, international film markets.

5. Gambling Addiction Expert

In this matter IMS was asked to procure a leading expert specializing in identifying emotional and other characteristics contributing to gambling additions for a dispute in the international gaming marketplace. IMS found an expert in the clinical treatment of problem gamblers, who co-founded a prominent first of its kind nonprofit treatment and research center for individuals suffering from gambling addictions, with a Ph.D. and double majors in sociology and psychology from a prestigious U.S. university.

6. Expert in Online Activity Monitoring

This case may cause one to feel slightly paranoid, but IMS was asked to provide an expert in the design and operation of specialized software used for monitoring individual online activity and website tracking. This expert was also requested to have experience in interactive quantitative behavioral analysis used to interpret user preferences and habits which assist in identifying persons by characteristics or traits, such as analyzing computer key stroke patterns. The expert we found hit the bulls eye, with a background that included specializing in personal information retrieval applications for a company that was later acquired by a well-known player in the internet arena.

As this month marks the end of yet another successful year making expert connections that count for our esteemed clients, we look forward to a brand new year of successful (and intriguing) searches.

What is your most unusual expert search request?

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