Rare Air – 5 Ways a Company Finds it … and Stays There

By Maggie Tamburro

Rare Air. It’s how we characterize a distinctive corporate culture here at IMS that has fostered a climate of extraordinary growth spanning two decades. Finding that sweet spot has been both exhilarating and humbling. But what’s the secret to staying on top?

After all, getting there is only half of the story – the other half is staying there. Staying power requires continuing to find ways to exceed client expectations year after year, in the face of an evolving legal landscape and stiffer competition.

So what exactly makes for the phenomenon – that unique combination of intangible and sometimes elusive elements that create an environment where a company can sustain growth and flourish?

Countless other companies have made it to the top in their industry, only to have suffered a swift and precipitous fall. What causes successful companies to falter? Is it changing technology? Tough economic times? Perhaps for some. Poor management or misguided strategic vision? Maybe for others.

Likely part of the mix, however, is that somewhere along the road to success, some combination of factors causes companies to lose focus on the “why.”

We’d like to share with you five factors we believe have contributed to IMS finding – and maintaining – that corporate climate of “rare air.”

1. First and foremost, seek to understand, serve, and exceed your client’s needs above all else. Recognize that among great industry leaders humanity, transparency, authenticity, and accountability always win the day. Consistently be willing to step up to the plate for your client, or, when necessary, make the tough call to step away should your client’s situation require it.

2. Embrace a simple fact – the only real constant is change. Make an intentional decision to stay flexible and responsive to your clients’ ever-shifting business needs, which may at times seem like a moving target as the legal industry has undergone rapid-fire changes. Be willing to rethink old ways of doing things if it means positioning yourself to better serve your client. Don’t be afraid to revamp something that may have worked in the past if it is no longer providing the same value it once did.

3. Listen. True listening takes work, effort, patience, and a passion to truly grasp your client’s problem so that you can become part of the solution. Listening is proactive – it demands a willingness to place yourself in your client’s shoes and put your own objectives aside.

4. Never get too comfortable in your space or take your reputation in the industry for granted. Complacency kills.

5. Stay committed to your “why.” For IMS, our “why” is never forgetting that behind the biggest, most complex, high-stakes legal dilemma there is always a human element – a face, a person, a relationship. The backbone of who we are and what we do is bringing people together, making marriages between attorneys and experts, solving problems, and creating solutions. In an industry inundated with companies claiming to provide a quick fix to incredibly complex and nuanced legal issues, we know a quick fix doesn’t exist. Just as the art of expert witness consulting can’t be taught in a training video, the perfect expert or consultant can’t be purchased off a shelf or added to a shopping cart.

As we celebrate another season of “rare air” – allowing IMS ExpertServices the privilege of being named to Inc. magazine’s annual list of the 5,000 fastest growing private companies in the U.S. for the 7th year in a row – we offer a sincere thank you to our clients for placing their trust in us, and look forward to serving you in the future.


Maggie Tamburro

Maggie Tamburro is an attorney and writer who holds a Juris Doctor from The John Marshall Law School and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Texas. She was admitted to the Illinois Bar in 1994 and Florida Bar in 1999 and has significant experience in legal research, editing, and writing. Maggie is active her in local community, holding various publicly appointed civic board positions.

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