The Weight of the Bull on Tomorrow’s Litigation

By Dominique Epps

Flooding the airwaves and internet with discussions from experts and journalist alike, the historic bull run of the U.S. stock market is the longest period of growth in American history.

To provide a unique perspective on this unprecedented growth, IMS ExpertServices recently interviewed several top experts in banking, finance, economics, and securities to share their thoughts and professional insights.

At IMS, we protect and enhance the reputations of the world’s top litigating attorneys by delivering subject matter expert witnesses best-positioned to help our clients win. Our clients also trust IMS to deliver insights on important trends and distill how current and rising issues can affect their practices.

A select set of top experts shared exclusive insights to help our clients anticipate implications of this historic bull run for the legal industry as a whole—especially for top litigators.

“Many executives receive stock options as part of their compensation packages,” observed IMS Elite Expert Stephen Kirkland—a leading expert in executive compensation. “When they exercise those options, much of the proceeds go into their reportable compensation.”

Kirkland continued, “A bull market drives up officer compensation amounts.” To determine if an executive is overpaid, compensation consultants compare services and employers in the industry. This can lead to disagreements over earnings induced by the bull market.

According to top banking expert Brian Kelley, J.D., today’s alternative investments could bring about new litigation for the future. “As we approach the waning years or months of our historic bull run in the U.S. stock market, many investors are starting to look at alternative investments, particularly in the face of still fairly low interest rate yields.”

Kelley noted that those investments are typically a mirage. “Often, such investments take the shape of private offerings or syndications in non-traditional products—novel investment vehicles in areas that are new and unfamiliar to the investor.”

The IMS Elite Expert recalls historical scenarios where, “Investment losses could have been avoided had the victims of the financial schemes exercised a modicum of due diligence and recognized that promised returns of 20% [or more] make little sense in a 5% interest rate market.”

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Dominique Epps

Dominique Epps

Before joining IMS in 2018, Dominique Epps held numerous internships and freelance positions in public relations campaigns, copywriting and video production. Epps is now the Content Marketing Associate heading IMS’ content for digital and print publications. In addition to her duties at IMS, Epps enjoys studying the art of filmmaking and traveling the world.

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