Top 5 Most Bizarre Cases

By IMS ExpertServices

As you can tell from the numerous legal humor blogs on the internet, there are thousands upon thousands of causes for litigation. Everything from failing to predict an earthquake to bad mothering can result in litigation.

The presence of odd and unusual cases also extends to complex civil litigation, and we would like to share a few of the more unusual cases that have come through our doors.

Patent Infringement

    • Sex Toy Patent Infringement: On behalf of an adult toy manufacturer, IMS was asked to locate an expert to determine if their patents for male toys were being infringed upon.  Extensive research was conducted and experts were located to analyze the “discreet sperm collection” devices before finding the best sex toy expert out there.
  • Patent Infringement of a Prison Inmate Calling System: After a prison allegedly infringed on a patent relating to automated collect calls, IMS was asked to locate a telecommunication systems expert with experience making collect calls from prison.


  • Swine Nutrition Experts: IMS has a long history of finding experts in peculiar animals, including a woodpecker eradicator and a transgenic mouse expert.This case, however, required a swine nutrition expert. The case itself was fairly straightforward. The defendant was claiming a superior product in their advertising and the plaintiff claimed that this was false advertising.
    But was the dispute over cleaning supplies or car tires or any other consumer product? No. What was at issue was the effectiveness of a pig nutritional supplement meant to prevent diseases. What the case needed was a swine nutrition consultant who could explain to a jury swine palatability issues and how medication is absorbed by swine in the stomach.

Life Sciences

  • Psychological Autopsy Expert: When I first heard that we located a psychological autopsy expert for a contested probate case, I imagined a morbid scene out of CSI involving an autopsy of the deceased’s brain to measure chemical and hormone levels. The reality was much less interesting and simply involved an expert to interview family members, analyze paperwork and opine on the deceased’s mental capabilities when he changed his will at the last moment.
  • Alleged Penis Amputation: It’s not very often you hear about a wrongful penis amputation and it’s even rarer to hear about an alleged one.  In this case, a patient’s family claimed his prolonged erection was not treated quickly enough and thus resulted in its amputation.   IMS located an urologist to review the medical records and opine on the patient’s lost penis.

Tell us: What is the most bizarre case you have ever worked on?


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