Where is the Bull Running to for the Legal Market and for Your Practice?

By Teresa Barber

Media outlets and talking heads have inundated the airwaves, internet, and headlines in recent weeks with general conjecture around the historic bull run of the U.S. stock market.

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Recently, several top experts across finance, economics, banking, trading, and securities shared some unique insights with us.

Where is the Bull Running to for the Legal Market and for Your Practice?They shared perspectives on potential implications of the historic stock market bull run for the legal industry in general, and for litigators specifically, as they seek to advance their practices and support their clients’ needs.

“When things are going well and everybody’s making money,” observed a national expert in corporate finance and securities, “people tend to be aggressive and sometimes get greedy. And that leads to disputes.”

Another expert in securities law and regulation suggested the run is having dual effects on legal industry opportunities. “The bull run market has affected the legal industry in opposing directions,” noted the expert who has testified in several high-stakes commercial matters. “When investors are gaining profits, they are loathe to employing litigators unless and until something goes wrong. On the other hand, attorneys representing buyers and sellers have been very active. Acquisitions and stock buybacks have and continue to be popular, resulting in increased fees to attorneys specializing in securities law.”

One Ivy League economics expert we interviewed shared that an uptick in defaults from any number of changes in economic conditions means there is a good chance the effects will “spill over into the regional mortgage-backed securities (RMBS) space, where investor lawsuits are still making their way through the legal system.” He also expressed interest that so much of the current round of litigation, “especially related to intellectual property litigation, is occurring between those tech companies that are responsible for the greatest contribution to the bull market. I often think about the trade-offs between the expense of litigation just to maintain the right to monopoly-level profits and the profits themselves.”

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Teresa Barber

Teresa Barber

Teresa leads the firm’s marketing, strategic communications, and thought leadership strategy. She is a NASA Social alumnus and has led several efforts advancing national and regional STEM initiatives. She has previously served as judge for the U.S. Chamber Foundation’s Best Commitment to Education Corporate Citizenship Awards, and led the editorial strategy that earned IMS the 2018 “Go-to Thought Leader” award recognition from National Law Review. She is a member of faculty for Studer Community Institute, and a member of the Institute for Women in Politics (IWP) of Northwest Florida, the International Association of Business Communicators, and the Institute of Management Accountants. She is an MBA candidate through the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and holds a specialization in executive data science through Johns Hopkins University.

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