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A Partnership Designed to Help You Put It All Together in a Way No One Else Does

IMS is the nation’s leading provider of trial and expert services for complex litigation. Our clients have exclusive access to the only fully-integrated portfolio of expertise and tools needed for trial.

In 2019, IMS ExpertServices acquired The Focal Point, a highly-respected national litigation consultancy with offices in Dallas, New York, and the San Francisco Bay Area with more than three decades of experience in the trenches at trial. This partnership with The Focal Point was cultivated to equip clients with deeper access to the services and perspective they need to design and execute strategies throughout the entire civil trial process. Both firms bring a reputation for excellence to every client engagement, and share a deep commitment to values including diligence and exceptional client service. Collectively, we have earned strong customer loyalty from top practitioners at the most influential global firms, across 20,000 cases and well over 1,000 trials.

Today, IMS clients can strategically draw on the five essential tools needed to consistently persuade and win: a well-developed persuasion strategy; expert witnesses who persuade; research to validate persuasion strategy; powerful visual advocacy; and seamlessly-delivered courtroom technology.

Our clients rely on us for perspective, context, and our award-winning tools of persuasion and unique methodologies crafted through nearly thirty years of work across every venue, every type of matter, and through carefully observing how jurors, judges, and arbitrators decide which side wins.

Working With IMS Consulting

In addition to expert witness services, IMS clients can access consulting services in areas including trial strategy, jury research and consulting, trial graphics and animation, and trial presentation.

  1. Evaluation: We help you test and refine your case and themes with the perspective, information, persuasion tools, and context needed to win.
  2. Persuasion: You will advance your case with the credible research, experts, visualizations, and context needed to compel and persuade.
  3. Results: Our team’s tested and deep industry and litigation experience across 20,000 cases and well over 1,000 trials translates to value and efficiency for your client and solid confidence for your case.

Through decades of practice and trial experience, we have developed four foundational principles we apply to position clients for success:

First Principle: To maximize your position for winning, you must have five essential tools: A well-developed Persuasion Strategy based on a compelling story told in a deliberate and carefully chosen order that merges powerful themes with a clear factual theory; Expert Witnesses with the professional knowledge and integrity to teach jurors and, to do so in a way that convinces them why you should win and the other side should not; Jury Research, both qualitative and quantitative, to determine if your strategy works, your story persuades, which jurors are most favorable, and what tools your jurors need; Powerful Graphics that help lawyers think visually, which is how most jurors learn, and Seamless Delivery in court from trial techs who provide faultless service based on what they’ve learned working on hundreds of trials.

Second Principle: Clients gain the benefit of using our Theory of Core Values, an approach that reveals how jurors decide cases using a combination of eight core values (compassion, empathy, orderliness, fairness, science, common sense, social mores, and self-interest). Since first formally publishing this concept almost twenty years ago, we have incorporated it into everything we do. Our Advisors help construct strategies that satisfy a juror’s need to affirm one or more core values; our Trial Consultants produce graphics that appeal to these core values, and our Jury Consultants help identify and select jurors based on which core values underly your client’s case. This unique approach to analyzing and organizing any case has resulted in hundreds of winning verdicts.

Third Principle: Trial strategy is the most effective way to uncover what your case is really about and how you can increase your chances of winning. We help clients craft winning strategies through a unique process that has been perfected and customized over decades of trials. Mental Mining® focuses on uncovering and developing the “toe holds” jurors require to begin to understand and trust in your case. Through this process we identify and develop the key themes and strategies needed to enhance your opening statements, witness presentations, and closing arguments. The result is a coherent strategy action plan that helps your team craft a simple but powerful case story and, to the extent discovery is pending, helps your team focus resources on those issues most likely to ultimately matter in presenting the case.

Fourth Principle: We are great long-term partners. Our partnerships with clients form early and continue often for decades, spanning multiple cases over what may end up being a client’s entire professional career. As partners, we complement each other, as true partners should. The lawyer brings a deep understanding of facts based on months, if not years, of hard discovery and detailed study. We bring a broader perspective. Since we have not had to get into the minutiae and since we are not invested in any theory or argument, we are free to assess clients and witnesses objectively. Because of our experience working on hundreds of other similar cases, we can tell you what has and hasn’t worked. The power of this partnership lies in our combined ability to find the powerful story that often lies somewhere between the forest and the trees.

Recognition of Excellence

More than 95% of our business comes from repeat client firms.

“I have been very pleased with the experts you have provided, and will advocate that we use your services again.”

IP Boutique Firm
Senior Partner

“Your expert's findings aided us in properly evaluating the case, which in turn assisted us in reaching an agreeable settlement of the matter. We were very pleased with the expert's capabilities.”

Am Law 200 Firm

“I have used IMS on several projects and have been very impressed with their responsiveness and the quality and depth of the potential experts that they have been able to locate to assist us in a wide range of litigation matters.”

Am Law 100 Firm

“I was very impressed with your approach and attention to my needs. You brought me top, non-conflicted experts, in a very narrow field that is rife with conflict issues, in a short period of time.”

Am Law 200 Firm
Litigation Managing Partner

“I was most impressed by how responsive you were.”

Am Law 100 Firm
Class Action & Securities Litigation Co-Chair

“Out of the several expert search firms I contacted for this search, there is no comparison as to quality of service and results I received from your firm. You all have done excellent work and I really appreciate it.”

Am Law 100 Firm

“It was a very good call to use your services to find such a focused expert for this case, and I am grateful for your services. Nice work!!”

Boutique Firm

“We've been working with several other expert companies, and I just have to let you know that you guys have FAR AND AWAY been the superior service in ALL aspects. We know that this was a narrow area of expertise, and the others had people call us out of the blue, that weren't remotely close to what we were looking for. This was my first time finding experts this way, and you guys have made my job really easy. Next time, I'll just have to make one call!”

Am Law 100 Firm

“I have found that using IMS provides me with a spectrum of potential industry or subject matter experts that my clients have not thought of. I have found several excellent testifying experts through you.”

Am Law 100 Firm

“A big thanks to you and your teams. The soil conditioning community is pretty small and insular, so finding this expert is a big win. Bonus points for Cambridge and the intelligent accent.”

Am Law 100 Firm

“Your experts are phenomenal... the opposing side hasn't come up with a rebuttal expert. I think they talk to potential experts who, upon finding out who our experts are, throw their hands up and say 'NO THANKS!'”

Am Law 100 Firm

“There's no way on God's green earth that I would have found the expert that you brought to us. He's a perfect fit.”

Am Law 100 Firm

“You're the most proactive agency I've ever worked with.”

Photonics & Fiber Optics Expert

“Got a very good case in the last few months - very good. IMS does a really good job.”

Healthcare Information Systems Expert

“I've worked with maybe two other firms, and you're head and shoulders above them all.”

Healthcare Economics & Damages Expert

“IMS does all the work of marketing us to the folks who call them. There are no real hurdles. If someone was to come to me about expert work, I would suggest IMS.”

Circuit Design & LEDs Expert

“If it wasn't for IMS, I wouldn't be in this business.”

Circuit Design & LEDs

“I think you offer a great service to the legal community, and you do it very professionally, and do the best you can to get the expert that fits the case. I haven't been given any cases that didn't fit my core competencies. You're very good at screening and matching me.”

Medical Sonography Expert

“IMS is a very respected firm. The process is quite simple and straightforward.”

Wireless Communications & Artificial Intelligence Expert

“IMS ExpertServices is the industry's best.”

Intellectual Property & Brand Dilution Expert

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