Jury Research

to validate your strategy, story, and witnesses

We understand jurors and the core values that will motivate them to vote for—and fight for—your client.


For nearly thirty years, the country’s top law firms have trusted us to provide jury research services. Our Jury Consultants provide insight into how jurors will perceive key issues, evidence, and testimony. They make substantive contributions to your litigation strategies and assist you in preparing persuasive cases. To accomplish these aims, they rely on a combination of rigorous social science methods, decades of practical experience, communication theory, jury psychology, information processing theory, group dynamics, and our own Theory of Core Values that motivate jurors’ decision-making.

Validation of your trial strategy requires jury research to maximize the chances your client will win. This research includes both qualitative and quantitative analyses that answer such questions as:

  • Does your proposed strategy work?
  • Does your story have themes and a plot that resonate?
  • Is your presentation understandable and compelling?
  • Which potential jurors are most likely to become your advocates in deliberations?
  • What tools do those jurors need to evaluate, understand, and advocate for your case?

We design and staff our in-person and online research sessions to generate the highest level of quantitative statistical advice as well as the most practical qualitative analysis to inform your voir dire and trial strategy. We carefully recruit mock jurors to precisely match the demographic characteristics of a typical jury panel in your venue. This crucial step ensures meaningful results and distinguishes us from would-be competitors. Following the research project, we will deliver a written summary and a detailed presentation summarizing the key findings and providing practical recommendations for trial strategy.


Our Jury Consultants use a variety of tools to help you understand how jurors will receive and process your case, including:

Focus Group Research: Facilitated discussions with mock jurors, either in-person or online, that provide insights into jurors’ likely reactions to key issues, case themes, and arguments.

Mock Trial Research: Simulated trial presentations with jury deliberations, either in-person or online, to assess which arguments are persuasive by uncovering jurors’ decision-making processes as they forge consensus on specific verdict questions.

Community Attitude Survey: Develops profiles of favorable and dangerous jurors through telephone surveys designed to identify public impressions of the parties, assess reactions to the positions of the parties, and uncover pre-existing attitudes within your likely venire. These are particularly helpful in high-profile cases which have generated influential news coverage.

Witness Preparation: Enhances the clarity and confidence of fact and expert witness testimony at trial and depositions through communication skills training and strategic recommendations.

Voir Dire Strategy: Development of voir dire questions that will effectively identify dangerous jurors and provide an opportunity for them to express a bias that may support a challenge for cause.

Juror Questionnaires: Artful development of supplemental juror questionnaires that identify the most dangerous jurors without exposing favorable jurors.

In-Court Analysis of Juror Questionnaires: We are able to analyze jury questionnaires quickly, efficiently, and accurately, whether on the fly in the courtroom or overnight in a war room.

Overnight Analysis of Juror Questionnaires: Assistance tracking and interpreting juror comments and analysis of that information against jury questionnaire answers, enabling data-driven recommendations to be offered in real time.

Jury Selection: Real-time analysis of the reactions and perspectives of a small group of shadow jurors, selected to match the profiles of actual jurors, conducted by an experienced jury consultant who provides daily reports to trial counsel, enabling on-the-fly strategy assessment and case adjustment.

IMS is the nation’s leading provider of trial and expert services for complex litigation. Our clients have exclusive access to the only fully-integrated portfolio of expertise and tools needed for trial.


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