Accounting Standards

Accounting standards are commonly known as Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).

Case Study

Accounting Fraud Expert in Revenue Recognition

An accounting fraud expert in revenue recognition was needed for a federal white collar criminal fraud case.

Case Study

Financial Accounting Expert in Conflict of Interest Standards

A financial accounting expert with knowledge of the conflict of interest standards that govern outside public accounting and auditing firms was required to address allegations of professional malpractice.

Case Study

Regulatory Compliance Expert in Securities Trading

A regulatory compliance expert was sought for a securities investigation against an auditing firm concerning the disclosure obligations of an auditor.

Case Study

Legal Fees Expert with Bankruptcy Experience

A legal fees expert with bankruptcy experience was needed for a bankruptcy arbitration.

Case Study

Accounting Standards Expert with International Acquisition Expertise

An accounting standards expert with specific knowledge of Central American accounting was sought for arbitration regarding an international acquisition.