An algorithm is a finite sequence of instructions, logic, an explicit, step-by-step procedure for solving a problem, often used for calculation and data processing and many other fields.

Case Study

Aircraft Navigation Systems Expert

An aircraft navigation systems expert was needed with extensive hands-on, industry experience in aviation cockpit navigation equipment.

Case Study

Golf Cart GPS Expert in C++ Code

A golf cart GPS expert was needed for a patent infringement suit involving GPS technology used in golf carts.

Case Study

Computer Algorithm Expert in Profile Matching Software

A computer algorithm expert with knowledge of profile matching software was needed for a patent infringement action.

Case Study

Software Algorithm Expert with Knowledge of Electronic Trading

A software algorithm expert with knowledge of the electronic trading industry was needed for litigation regarding proceeds from an acquisition.

Case Study

Software Source Code Expert in VoIP Networks

A software source code expert was sought for a patent infringement case regarding the implementation of a global VoIP (voice over internet protocol) communication platform.