American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM)

In the United States, ASTM standards have been adopted, by incorporation or by reference, in many federal, state, and municipal government regulations.

Case Study

Geologist Expert in Environmental Disasters

A geologist was needed for an insurance dispute over environmental disaster policy terms.

Case Study

Safety Product Design Expert in Protective Eyewear

A safety product design expert was needed for an antitrust case involving protective eyewear used by athletes in active sports and by military and law enforcement personnel.

Case Study

Asbestos Expert in Passive Exposure from Vermiculite Packaging Materials

An asbestos expert in mineralogy and the relation of asbestos to vermiculite was needed for a product liability case.

Case Study

Packaging Design Expert in Corrugated Materials

A packaging design expert in corrugated materials was needed for a patent infringement dispute involving corrugated shipping containers.