Antitrust Litigation

Antitrust litigation is the conduct of a civil action brought before a court in which a party (plaintiff) has claimed to have received damages from antitrust, and the plaintiff seeks a legal or equitable remedy.


Expert Testimony Pivotal in Reversal of Summary Judgment in Antitrust Case

A dash of corporate intrigue lurked beneath the surface of a recent Tenth Circuit antitrust decision and was appealed due to the testimony of an expert witness.


Expert Economist’s Regression Analysis Withstands Daubert Challenge in E-Book Antitrust Litigation

An important decision relating to expert testimony was recently issued by the New York federal court overseeing class action antitrust lawsuits filed against Apple, and five leading publishers, alleging that the defendants conspired to raise and fix e-book prices in violation of the antitrust laws.

Case Study

Pharmaceutical Sciences Expert in Drug Formulation

A pharmaceutical sciences expert was sought for antitrust litigation involving a pharmaceutical product formulation for an oncology therapy.

Case Study

Executive Compensation Expert in Bank Owned Life Insurance

An executive compensation expert with knowledge of bank owned life insurance was needed for antitrust litigation.

Case Study

Pharmaceutical Industry Analyst for Antitrust Case

A pharmaceutical industry expert with extensive knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry, was needed for antitrust litigation.