Antitrust is opposed to or against the establishment or existence of trusts (monopolies), usually referring to legislation.


Expert Testimony Pivotal in Reversal of Summary Judgment in Antitrust Case

A dash of corporate intrigue lurked beneath the surface of a recent Tenth Circuit antitrust decision and was appealed due to the testimony of an expert witness.


$1.2B in Damages – Expert Challenges Fail to Decertify Class

Expert challenges asserted as part of a post-trial motion to decertify a class came too little, too late after a jury awarded plaintiffs over $400 million in damages in a high profile antitrust case.

Case Study

Concert Industry Expert in Damages Calculations

A concert industry expert in damages calculations was needed for a breach of contract suit involving a concert performer.

Case Study

Predatory Pricing Expert in Monopolization Pre-Litigation

A predatory pricing expert was needed for a monopolization pre-litigation matter.

Case Study

Credit Card Marketing Expert in Merchant Relations

A credit card marketing expert in merchant relations was needed for an antitrust case.

Case Study

Oil Industry Expert in Offshore Exploration and Production

An oil industry expert with knowledge of offshore oil exploration and production was sought for an antitrust matter.