Asbestos are minerals with long, thin fibrous crystals with resistance to heat, electricity and chemical damage, sound absorption and tensile strength.

Case Study

Mass Tort Insurance Expert in Claims Handling

A mass tort insurance expert in claims handling was needed for an insurance case.

Case Study

Epidemiologist for Occupational Asbestos Exposure

An epidemiologist was sought for asbestos litigation claiming that numerous respiratory illnesses were caused by workplace exposure to products containing asbestos.

Case Study

Asbestos Removal Expert in Construction Safety Standards

An asbestos removal expert was sought for a case involving federal regulatory compliance in construction safety and hazardous materials handling.

Case Study

Asbestos Expert in Passive Exposure from Vermiculite Packaging Materials

An asbestos expert in mineralogy and the relation of asbestos to vermiculite was needed for a product liability case.


Finding the Right Expert When All the Experts Have Been Found

Tagging an expert as a "hired gun" can all but destroy the expert's credibility as a witness. Nowhere is this more of a concern than in asbestos litigation. The longest-running mass tort litigation in U.S. history, it has spawned an estimated 730,000 claims over more than 30 years - with 200,000 still active in the courts.