A barcode is a machine-readable representation of information.

Case Study

Smart Card Manufacturing Expert in RFID

A smart card manufacturing expert with knowledge of radio frequency identification, or RFID, processes and technologies was needed for a patent infringement action.

Case Study

Postal Service Operations Expert

A postal service operations expert in delivery systems, such as postal barcode technologies, was needed for a class action suit.

Case Study

Barcode Scanner Expert with Optics Knowledge

A barcode scanner expert with optics knowledge was sought for a patent infringement case between barcode scanning equipment manufacturers.

Case Study

Enterprise Mobility Systems Expert in Automated Data Capture Systems

An enterprise mobility systems expert in sophisticated barcode scanning and high-speed automated data capture systems was needed for a patent infringement case.

Case Study

Barcode Software Expert in Casino Gaming Technology

A barcode software expert with knowledge of cashless gaming systems was sought for patent infringement litigation.