Biopharmaceuticals are medical drugs (see pharmacology) produced using biotechnology.


How is AI Informing the Global Health and Business Response to 2019-nCOV?

While health organizations and communities race to diagnose, treat, and stem the spread of 2019-nCoV with new views provided by use of AI, businesses and markets are bracing for impact with many unknowns.


AI and Machine Learning Trends in Healthcare for Commercial Litigation

Developments in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) are rapidly creating competitive advantages for established and emerging companies across many industries.

Case Study

FDA Marketing Compliance Expert

An FDA marketing compliance expert was needed for a case involving allegations of pharmaceutical product mislabeling and failure to meet FDA regulations and requirements.

Case Study

Biopharmaceutical Industry Expert in Drug Development

A biopharmaceutical industry expert was requested to consult on confidentiality, testing and option agreements and the licensing of compounds in the biopharmaceutical industry for a case in arbitration.