Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE)

A CFE is a specialist who is educated and trained in the detection and deterrence of a wide variety of white-collar crimes such as identity theft, fraud and embezzlement. CFEs gather evidence, take statements, write reports and assist in investigating fraud in its varied forms.

Case Study

Ponzi Scheme Expert in Forensic Accounting

A Ponzi scheme expert in forensic accounting was needed for a lawsuit filed by a bankruptcy trustee against an investor and major bank.

Case Study

Financial Auditing Expert in Related-Party Transactions

A financial auditing expert with experience in a Big 5 accounting firm was needed for a federal case of mail and wire fraud.

Case Study

Fraud Examination and Forensic Accounting Experts

A fraud examination expert or forensic accountant was needed for a wrongful termination suit.

Case Study

Industrial Security Expert Fluent in Spanish

An industrial security expert with fluency in Spanish was needed for a pre-litigation assignment concerning a security incident in Mexico.