Clinical Trial

Clinical trials are trials conducted to allow safety and efficacy data to be collected for new drugs or devices.

Case Study

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Statistical Analysis Expert

A food and drug administration (FDA) statistical analysis expert was needed for a patent dispute that arose in connection with a request for FDA approval for the commercial manufacture, use, and sale of a generic drug.

Case Study

Biotechnology Expert in Clinical Trials

A biotechnology expert with knowledge of FDA clinical trials and procedures was requested for an arbitration case involving biotherapeutics.

Case Study

FDA Submission Expert in Clinical Trials

A FDA submission process expert was requested to evaluate the clinical trial of a transdermal application of an anti-inflammatory drug.

Case Study

Pharmaceutical Research Expert in Monoclonal Antibodies

We have located pharmaceutical research experts with product development experience in the area of monoclonal antibodies.

Case Study

Clinical Trials Expert in Contract Research Organizations

A clinical trials expert was sought to evaluate economic damages and losses suffered by a pharmaceutical manufacturer due to the actions of a contract research organization.