Compliance Issues

In general, compliance means conforming to a rule, such as a specification, policy, standard or law.

Case Study

Securities Trading Expert for a Tax Dispute

A securities trading expert was needed for a tax dispute involving a transaction known as a variable prepaid forward contract (VPFC).

Case Study

Credit Scoring Expert in Fair Credit Reporting Act

A credit scoring expert was needed for a class action suit alleging breach of the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Case Study

Healthcare Industry Expert in Pharmaceutical Drug Pricing

A healthcare industry expert with knowledge of pharmaceutical drug pricing practices and how various insurance companies and their differing plans reimburse for drugs was needed for a class action suit.

Case Study

Securities Brokerage Expert in SEC Rule 144 and 145

A securities brokerage expert with specific knowledge of SEC Rule 144 & 145, was sought for a negligence case alleging reckless misrepresentation and unreasonable delay in action.

Case Study

ADA Compliance Expert in Architectural Design

An ADA Compliance expert in architectural design was needed to review handicapped accessibility issues involving commercial real estate.