Computer Software

Computer software enables a computer to perform specific tasks, as opposed to its physical components

Case Study

Structured Products Expert in Asset-Backed Securities

A structured products expert in asset-backed securities (ABS) was needed for a patent infringement case involving computer software products used in the finance industry for structuring automobile lease securitizations.

Case Study

Software Security Expert in Strong Authentication

A software security expert was requested for patent valuation involving strong authentication for online banking and e-Commerce.

Case Study

Patent Licensing Expert in Computer Software

A patent licensing expert with experience in computer software and software licenses was needed for a patent infringement case.

Case Study

Physical Security Expert in Software Systems

A physical security expert in corporate security software systems was sought for a case alleging misappropriation of trade secrets and breach of contract.


Play Nice with Experts – And Help Yourself

We all heard it as kids: "Share your toys." But what about in our professional lives? Law firms have sophisticated "toys" – hardware, software and resources – that experts often lack. Share these with your experts and you will see the return in lower costs and more certain results.