the act or process of building something (such as a house or road)


Expert’s Gut Feeling Good Enough

Although expert opinions must be based in fact, they are still individualized opinions and are occasionally, as the New Jersey Appellate Court stated on July 5, based on an expert’s “gut feeling”.

Case Study

Marine Construction Expert in Seawall

A marine construction expert was required for a lawsuit filed by the owner of a resort against an international planning and engineering firm for the failure of a nearby seawall.

Case Study

Bond Expert in Construction Surety

A bond expert was needed for an action filed by an international surety company against a construction company to determine how the construction surety did business and if their actions to finance the contractor entailed liability.

Case Study

Pipeline Construction Expert in Welding Metallurgy

An oil and gas pipeline construction expert with special expertise in welding metallurgy was needed for a breach of contract case.

Case Study

Cost Estimation Expert in Hurricane Reconstruction

A cost estimation expert was needed for a contract dispute involving hurricane reconstruction costs.

Case Study

Environmental Medicine Expert in Workplace Exposure

An environmental medicine expert was requested for a product liability suit involving construction materials.

Case Study

Nuclear Industry Expert in Facility Construction

A nuclear industry expert experienced in facility construction was needed for a case alleging improper competitive conduct and tortuous interference.

Case Study

Sports Technology Expert in Golf Ball Construction

A sports technology expert was sought for a patent infringement case over golf ball construction technology.