Consumer Protection

Consumer protection involves government regulations enacted to protect the interest of the consumer in commerce.


IMS Insights Podcast: Episode 26 – Ashley L. Taylor Jr., Partner at Troutman Pepper, on Mentorship, Advice for New Law School Graduates, and Learning to Think Like a Regulator

Ashley L. Taylor, Jr. joins IMS Insights Podcast to discuss mentorship as well as how to think like a regulator.


IMS Insights Podcast: Episode 25 – Troutman Pepper Partner, Ashley L. Taylor Jr., on Enforcement Actions Amid COVID-19 and the Evolution of State AG Roles

Ashley Taylor joins IMS Insights Podcast to share his experience with state attorneys general and consumer protection issues.

Case Study

Retail Banking Expert in FCRA Compliance

A retail banking expert familiar with Fair Credit Reporting Act compliance was needed for a case alleging breach of fiduciary duty and willful negligence.

Case Study

Fraud Prevention Expert in Consumer Protection Law

A fraud prevention expert with consumer protection law knowledge was needed for a class action case against a chain of retail stores.