Copyright is a set of exclusive rights that regulate the use of a particular expression of an idea or information.


Expert Witness Soap Opera Plays Out in Federal Court as Daubert Motions Fail

As a battle brews between two Spanish-language television networks over copyright claims of their respective soap operas, Miami Federal Court Judge Jonathan Goodman has found himself having to evaluate telenovela experts and act as a Daubert gatekeeper.

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Copyright Dispute Expert in Textbook Publishing

A copyright dispute expert in the academic publishing industry was sought to evaluate economic damages for a breach of contract case.

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Online Publishing Expert in Copyright Protection

An online publishing expert in copyright protections was needed for a copyright infringement case.

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Film Licensing Expert in Copyright Infringement

A film licensing expert familiar with intellectual property management and copyright law was needed for copyright infringement litigation.

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Royalty Model Expert for Patent Valuation

A royalty models expert with experience in technology patents, such as IVR systems, was needed for patent valuation.

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Architectural Design Expert in Copyright Protections

An architectural design expert with knowledge of commercial architecture was needed for a misappropriation of trade secrets case involving copyrighted architectural design.

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Fashion Industry Expert for Trade Dress Litigation

A fashion industry expert was needed for intellectual property litigation asserting trade dress and copyright infringement.

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Design Copyright Expert in Decorative Glass Art

A design copyright expert in decorative glass art was needed for a suit alleging copyright infringement.

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Digital Copyright Expert in Online Content Publishing

A digital copyright expert in online content publishing was sought for a copyright infringement case brought by a major publishing house.

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Architectural Copyright Expert regarding Architectural Design Plans

An architectural copyright expert was needed to consult on the copyright protection of architectural design plans for a copyright and trademark infringement case.